How to get there!

The fastest way to get to us is still by airplane from Managua. You can fly with two different airlines (Costena or Atlantic Airlines). Each airline goes two times a day; 06:30 am and 01:30 pm with one stop in Bluefields. The flight takes 1 1/2 hours and costs about 100 US$ for a return ticket.

The cheapest way overland is from Managua with the bus to Rama, from Rama you take the boat to Bluefields and from there you take a ship to Corn Island ( try to get on the Captain D). The trip overland takes about two days and costs about 20 US$.

About Money!!!

Attention !!! there is no possibility to get money by credit card on the Island !!!

The bank on Corn Island is just 5 min. away from cafe del mar.